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Artist Pin: PINDEMIC x Bombibomb - Necessary evil - PINDEMIC
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Artist Pin: PINDEMIC x Bombibom - Necessary evil


We all come at cross roads in our life, where some decisions require a segregation of morality from the profits that decision bears. At times we may be forced to do something that contradicts the very definition of what makes us human.

It could be on a grand scale of a multi million dollar deal for a company compromising the lives of thousands, or it could occur on a minor scale requiring us to simply confess to a mistake we made. Many would say put your morality aside and reap the benefits of the latter.

Other People: you are harming yourself for no apparant gain to anyone around you and especially not yourself. You would rather not compromise on your morals, but would rather suffer the self caused strife. You're just being evil towards yourself. 
You : but it is a necessary evil. 

A collab with Bombibom

About this pin

Made from the same stuff that went into the Eiffel Tower, the Capitol, the Statue of Liberty, PINDEMIC pins are made strong and tough to withstand love, use and abuse.



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