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Artist Pin: PINDEMIC x Bombibom - "Hope" AC01 - PINDEMIC
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Artist Pin: PINDEMIC x Bombibom - "Hope"


Ever had that feeling just before a final exam which would decide whether or not you get that degree, or a big business presentation which could seal the deal on whether you get that promotion?

That moment of despair just before the great pivotal moment in your life where all hope seems lost, that no matter how much more we do it's the end of the road. Just as that moment is about to take over, we open the question paper or we begin the presentation and suddenly that feeling of anguish evolves into one of confidence and power. 

That feeling before that exam or that presentation shouldn't be interpreted as fear, but as hope. That moment when we put our hands together and leave it to fate because we know we've done our very best. We hope that we will get through this moment, because it will only get easier from here. 

 – Bombibom

About this pin

Made from the same stuff that went into the Eiffel Tower, the Capitol, the Statue of Liberty, PINDEMIC pins are made strong and tough to withstand love, use and abuse.



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