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Our obsession

PINDEMIC backstory

The obsession to customize and personalize was a serious one.

It started with a few tattoos, the need to initial everything, wearing crazy arm stacks and having too many bag charms.

This symptom probably stemmed from the fact that we've been told from young that there is only one right way, one right answer. If you're a girl, you should not pick up taekwondo, why not learn the piano instead?

Well, why not disregard all rules and live your life as crazy as possible? There are more options available beyond the boundaries and we don't all have to fit in. So that served as the breeding ground for creative unrest and chaos which eventually took the form of PINDEMIC where we want to pin every surface conceivable and fill it with too much fun, love and art. 

Featured in this picture: Pill charm from Welcome Companions, horseshoe charm from Hermes, shark charm from Fabriano, ribbon medal charm from Hermes, skull charm from Alexander McQueen

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