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Yen Magazine Australia
14th March 2016 Yen Magazine
Yen magazine is a magazine for smart, creative cookies who love to be inspired. We're blown away to have been featured by this amazing press! 
Badge of Honour You wake up in the morning, put on your perfectly planned outfit but something is missing. You need some accessories — not a necklace or a couple of bangles, but how about some pins? Yes pins. Need to advertise your favourite emoji? Do it with a pin. Want people to know you actually like Turnbull? Do it with a pin. Pins are discreet, colourful and can put on everything. All in all, they’re perfect to express your pinned up emotion.

PINDEMIC pins are all about expressing your inner most feelings through a small yet powerful pin. You have the choice of four categories: emojis, inscriptions, charmed and fizz and sparkle. While (surprise surprise) the emoji pins are our favourites, we’ve also got some room on our bomber jacket for some of the PINDEMIC offerings that look like old timey tattoos. No longer must you be a serving sailor during the second World War, or a pirate on the high seas, to wear a little icon of a tallship captioned with STAY TRUE. Which is lucky because that’s damn good advice.

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Catalog Magazine Singapore

18th February 2016 Catalog Magazine 
Catalog magazine is the definitive shopping guide for the self-professed fashionista. We're excited to have our selection of pins featured alongside some of the best accessories you must get your hands on! 


15th February 2016 A Beautiful Mess
Elsie from A Beautiful Mess donning a super rad jacket with one of our pins! <3  

5th January 2016 A Beautiful Mess
Our ghost emoji pin as featured in A Beautiful Mess Enamel Pin Shopping Guide! 


9th December 2015 We Could Grow Up Together  



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