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Why Lapel Pins?

You might have noted a small pin on clothing items during an event and wondered what it could be. Smaller than a brooch, its design certainly catches the eye. These small accessories are called LAPEL PINS. They are made from high quality metal, which gives them a durable and long-lasting finish.

Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful and symbolic - these are the words that best describe lapel pins. They look fabulous in their design and style. Easy-to-use, they can be quickly affixed to your shirts lapel or collar. Made from indestructible metal, they are also known as bar pins or collar pins. Available in the most attractive designs, these pins give a fabulous look and are so styled to draw attention to their design.

Lapel pins feature patterns ranging from simple to ornate. Intricate carvings make the item look spectacular and such designs are usually printed onto the surface of the brass metal. Colored lapel pins with enamel work are very attractive and eye-catching. You can be sure of getting people to notice them right away. You can pair them with any kind of shirt or t-shirt; casual, formal etc.

Lapel pins best serve as give-away during promotional events or meetings. They can be customized to give a particular message or have an image that serves as a reminder or represents something, that tells people some information. When used this way, they serve as a means of communication and usually organizations have them made for their employees or staff to be worn in official gatherings and events. They are also issued by clubs to mark milestone or special occasions.


Different Ways In Which Lapel Pins Are Worn 

They are usually worn on a jacket, and are a great way to transform the look of ordinary clothing into something more stylish. They should be worn on the left side of the jacket, affixed either by a pin or through a thread sewn at the back of the lapel or buttonholes specifically meant for them. The pin should be placed in the widest part of the left side of the lapel. They can also be worn on the center of the tie, when no jacket is worn. Lapels can also be worn on the left side of mens shirt, close to the heart. Though lapel pins are typically used by men, women can wear them on blouses and non-lapelled coats. When securing the pin, it must be tightly clasped at the back to prevent it from rotating when your move. At times, a person can wear multiple lapel pins, which shows their degree of advancement in an organization.

Today, lapel pins are worn or used in unusual ways in place of the typical traditional style. They are attached to jacket pockets, jeans, bags and sneakers. Even an entire pin collection is put on display when many pins are attached to shoulder straps of bags, school bags, clothing and shoes to give a cool and colorful look.